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At 8000' in The White Mountains in CA with equipment for shooting constellations (Pentax 6x7 camera & guide scope on a Losmandy Mount) & a 4x5 field camera. The Sierra Nevada Range is in the background.

16" f/4.5 Newtonian telescope on custom mount w/15" Byers gear. Used for deep space photography (galaxies, nebulae, clusters, etc.)

8 " f/1.5 Schmidt Camera. Used for wide field deep space shots and comets, it is a difficult telescope to use, but has very sharp optics.

Here is short "bio" that appeared with a showing of these photos:

Bill & Sally Fletcher moved to the Saddle Peak area of Malibu in the early 80's after leaving a career in the music recording business. The darker skies of the mountain top moved them to purchase their first telescope in 1983 and begin developing the complex techniques of "through-the-telescope" photography.

Now they are avid astronomy photographers and go anywhere dark skies lead them to take their pictures. Their photographs have appeared in hundreds of books, CD covers, science television shows and magazines from National Geographic to Astronomy and Sky & Telescope. The photos have also been on dozens of book and magazine covers. They are used on posters and assorted products that feature astronomy and "night sky" images.

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